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June 15, 2017 | Kieways 2017 Q2

A snapshot of recent “small jobs” from across the company

Top Gun – Taxiway Z Extension

Honolulu, Hawaii
The Top Gun project was an extension of the Taxiway Z project, which reconstructed Honolulu International Airport’s Taxiway Z by removing asphalt and replacing it with cast-in-place concrete. Following completion of the taxiway replacement, the Top Gun job reconstructed intersections at Taxiways Y, E, H, S, D and N, which included removing asphalt and concrete followed by grading, cement-treated base, concrete paving, asphalt paving and striping operations.


Keokea, Hawaii
This project team completed drainage improvements and grading for 46 residential lots. The scope of work included building approximately 10,000 linear feet of GRP drainage swales, 21 drainage culvert access roads, grading and construction of a detention basin and 23 new waterline service laterals. Fifteen of the lots were fully graded and prepared for move-in as part of scope growth on the job.

Jetty A

Ilwaco, Washington
The Jetty A Rehabilitation project included the repair and reconstruction of Jetty A at the mouth of the Columbia River, known for some of the roughest sea conditions in the world. Crews mined more than 84,000 tons of jetty stone in varying sizes out of the Beaver Lake Quarry in Mount Vernon, Washington, and then barged out of Anacortes, Washington, to the jetty location. All of the jetty repairs were completed in 2016. Crews returned in the spring of 2017 for site restoration, road repairs and demobilization.

South River Filter Rehabilitation

Atlanta, Georgia
The City of Atlanta’s South River Water Reclamation Center is designed to treat 54 million gallons of water per day (MGD). The scope of this project included the rehabilitation of 12 TETRA deep bed filters at the facility, replacement of 3,000 cubic yards of filter media, pressure washing of the filter cells, removal and replacement of nearly 11,000 square feet of filter underdrain system, mechanical inspection, and improvements to 60 filter valves and actuators, among other items. The improvements were made to ensure the facility continues to meet environmental requirements.

H-JAIA Airfield Repairs

Atlanta, Georgia
These projects corrected deficiencies of existing airfield pavements and safety areas at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. The project team completed full depth slab replacements of airfield pavements, spall repairs, trench drain repairs, replacement of storm drainage and removal of unused access roads. Crews also corrected issues in the runway and taxiway safety areas that were not in strict compliance with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) criteria.

Miami Ave. Bascule Bridge Rehabilitation

Miami, Florida
Structural and mechanical repairs were needed in order to extend the life of the Miami Ave. Bridge, which crosses the Miami River. Crews performed span lock removal and replacement, bridge hydraulic cylinder refurbishment, stainless steel cleaning and coating, and roadway grating and replacement on this bascule bridge.

Donald C. Tillman Screw Pump Installation and Updgrades

Los Angeles, California
The Donald C. Tillman Water Reclamation plant provides recycled water to many in the San Fernando Valley. This project removed and replaced a total of eight screw pumps at the plant. The project team completed the job in two phases. The first included the removal and replacement of four 96-inch-diameter screw pumps; the second phase included the removal and replacement of four 102-inch-diameter screw pumps. Crews also poured new slabs and walls, installed other necessary equipment and commissioned the system.

Etiwanda Pipeline North Liner Repair

Fontana, California
This project team removed approximately 2,000 tons of existing cement mortar lining and applied polyurethane lining inside a 12-foot-diameter underground steel pipeline for approximately 12,500 feet. Construction also included providing access points into the pipe. The pipeline work had to be performed during a shutdown which required 24-hour-per-day work schedules.

Colorado River Aqueduct (CRA) Erosion Protection Curbing

Twentynine Palms, California
In order to allow the Colorado River Aqueduct to flow safely when it’s full, this project installed approximately 28 miles of new concrete curbing and demolished and replaced 9,100 square feet of concrete canal panels. The project team also furnished and installed new communication lines, solar power and electrical equipment and enclosures, and completed other civil site work.

Scenario 6 Transmission Main Improvements

Phoenix, Arizona
The Arizona Water Association awarded this project its Water System Project of the Year award. The project team installed approximately 3,900 linear feet of 42-inch water transmission line with associated steel surge tank, piping, instrumentation and controls. The team also installed 350 linear feet of 66-inch pipe 40 feet under the SRP and ACDC canals using boring and jacking operations. Scope included site improvements like paving, lighting and landscaping.

Deer Valley Water Treatment Plant Reservoir Replacement

Phoenix, Arizona
The first component of this project was to demolish an existing 20-million-gallon reservoir. Crews then completed mass excavation and backfill before building a new 20-million-gallon concrete, cast-in-place reservoir. Construction of the new reservoir included installing chemical feed piping, large-diameter concrete piping, level sensors, transmitters, security measures, and associated conduits and control wiring. The new facility has an expected life-span of 60 years or more.

Rutherford Solar

Forest City, North Carolina
This solar project includes 289,000 panels across 480 acres. The project team’s scope amounted to approximately 110,000 man-hours installing conduit, cable and electrical equipment.

The Bentway

Toronto, Ontario
In the heart of downtown Toronto, Ontario, the Bentway Project is re-inventing unused urban space beneath a raised expressway, and creating a diverse, multi-functional, public area. The focal point of the development is an outdoor ice rink, complete with ice-making facilities, ice-resurfacing equipment and a garage. A terraced pier made of natural materials with stages and bleacher seating will be surrounded by green space and gardens, all designed to transform the vacant and forgotten area into a year-round gathering place.

DO Space

Omaha, Nebraska
Do Space is the first digital library of its kind in the U.S. It’s an ultra-modern digital incubator that includes a community technology library, a digital workshop and an innovative playground filled with opportunities to learn, grow, explore and create. The scope of the project included incorporating over $3 million of cutting-edge technology into a relatively small building, including hundreds of computers, iPads, TVs, digital signage, gaming systems, servers, wireless systems and other audio/visual components. The re-construction was completed in 10 months.

Children’s Hospital & Medical Center Village Pointe – Children’s ASC

Omaha, Nebraska
This interior fit-out project created an outpatient surgical center in an existing multi-tenant medical building. The 13,160-square-foot outpatient surgical center houses three operating rooms, eighteen post-operative patient recovery rooms, two locker rooms, two nurses stations, a reception area and other work spaces, and can accommodate another future operating room. The project was completed in seven months.

Bluebarn Theatre

Omaha, Nebraska
The 96-person seating capacity in BLUEBARN Theatre’s new 12,700-square-foot facility is comparable to its old one to maintain an intimate feel. Improvements to the scene shop, dressing rooms, sound control and electrical systems, as well as 16-foot ceilings and a larger stage are just some of the upgrades in the new theatre. Recycled and handmade interior materials are a focal point, including naturally rusted sheet metal, thousands of pieces of recycled wood, and reclaimed granite and stage flooring. A covered outdoor space opens up new options for alternative programming.


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