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September 30, 2017 | Kieways 2017 Q3

Each year, the Kiewit organization hires nearly 700 interns for positions in offices and on projects across North America. They take on a variety of tasks and responsibilities and are important contributors to Kiewit’s business. Here’s what some of this year’s interns had to say about their experiences with the company.

Benjamin Bass — Kiewit Offshore Services, Ingleside, Texas

Texas A&M University
“… Working with process piping engineers on the power module team has provided unparalleled exposure to mega-construction projects as well as the technology used on offshore production platforms … The challenges faced on a daily basis are perpetual and to press on and meet your goals and deadlines, a strong degree of willpower and mental balance is required. I have been fortunate enough to recognize qualities like this from some of the finest engineers and field personnel Kiewit has to offer. I am looking forward to transition this mentality on an academic level, in my personal life and in my professional career.”

Zachary Hartley — Lackawanna Energy Center, Jessup, Pennsylvania

Maine Maritime Academy
“I quickly realized when I started my Kiewit internship at Lackawanna Energy Center that I would be learning much more about startup and commissioning of a power plant than I had in school. As a startup intern, I’ve gained a great amount of technical knowledge that will help me in my career. Although this is very important, I think the most important thing I have learned is that communication is the key to a successful jobsite. With this being the largest combined cycle power plant Kiewit has ever built, all disciplines must be able to communicate effectively to be able to do their respective jobs as efficiently as possible. This is also the case in learning as much as you can on the job site. I have learned that everyone around you has something they can teach you, but it’s up to you to reach out to those resources to gain as much as you can from this internship.”

Austin Greene — Alaska Airlines Anchorage Hangar, Anchorage, Alaska

University of Nebraska–Lincoln
“Three summer internships, two part-time internships, three states, three markets and five projects later, Kiewit has brought me to the top of the world: Anchorage, Alaska. The opportunities I’ve been given have allowed me to learn the fundamentals of construction in both office and field settings. The people I have been fortunate to work with have helped me develop my career so I am a confident, professional and successful engineer. Kiewit has taught me how to use two effective tools, technical skills and communication. The combination of these tools has prepared me to take on any challenge I am presented with and take control of my career. Thank you, Kiewit!”

Kelsey Ieong — Birdsboro Power, Birdsboro, Pennsylvania

Iowa State University
“… I’ve learned many valuable lessons here at the Birdsboro Power project in Pennsylvania. The two valuable lessons that resonated with me are safety and communication. Kiewit goes the extra mile to ensure all the training and correct precautions are being taken to allow us to return home safely to our families each and every day … The second valuable lesson is communication. Communication is a key component in having a successful job. Having clear communication between each department is an important piece in having a job flow smoothly and preventing delays or rework … I will be carrying these valuable lessons with me as I kick start my career.”

Ruddy Ndina — G3TV, British Columbia

University of British Columbia
“As a civil engineering intern on the G3TV project, I have benefited from an incredible multi-disciplinary learning experience. From engaging with engineers, foremen, surveyors, craftsmen, etc., I know that safety always comes first! I’ve learned key lessons about hard work, perseverance, efficiency and the value of doing the work right the first time … My supervisors have entrusted me with the responsibility of managing my own subcontractors and this has been an incredible learning experience, boosting my confidence in being able to serve as a meaningful contributor to the fantastic work that Kiewit does … I absolutely feel blessed to be here!”

Richard Gallegos — Oroville Dam Spillway Repair, California

California State University, Fresno
“Never in a million years did I think my first construction-related job would be on something this massive and this important … Working as the upper chute structural intern gave me the opportunity to do real work I will actually be doing in my future career, because my mentor was not afraid to give me crucial roles on this project. Now, after working on this once-in-a-lifetime project, I feel prepared for what the future holds and can’t wait to graduate and get to work.”


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