Interns of Kiewit: Been there. Built that.

September 20, 2022 | Kieways 2022 Q3

From the coordination required to help students relocate across the country to the time it takes to explain how to safely use a piece of equipment on the project site, the Kiewit internship program is a full company effort. This summer, over 850 interns, from over 200 different universities, joined Kiewit teams across North America. Their footprints can be found across 260 job sites and offices.

Kiewit interns have the opportunity to work on the company’s extensive scope of projects, all while learning from industry experts.

“It is our job to give interns a realistic picture of what it is like to work for a construction and engineering firm,” said Vice President of Human Resources Darron Rolle, who began his career as a Kiewit intern.

These interns are challenged to embed themselves within the company and see their more experienced coworkers as teachers. According to Rolle, being curious and focused will set students up for future success.

“Ask questions, get to know the organization and understand why you do what you do,” said Rolle. “And developing a good memory means you can be an asset to the organization no matter where you’re placed because the same things come up again and again.”

This year’s summer interns represented 93 majors and fields of study. Project assignments spanned multiple disciplines and markets to accommodate student’s range of interests. As these interns return to their universities or accept full-time positions, it is clear that this professional experience sets them apart from their peers.

“When they go back to school they can talk about how their work contributed to the bottom line of the company,” said Rolle. “They can show all of their classmates what it means to work at a company like Kiewit.”

Here is what some of the interns had to say about their summer with Kiewit:

Taylor Lee

Coquitlam-Buntzen Tunnel Gates Project, British Columbia, Canada | British Columbia Institute of Technology
I have had the privilege of being surrounded by a team that always puts safety first and isn’t afraid of the challenges to come. I’ve never been on a project with as many unique challenges as Buntzen, so I can truly appreciate the experience that they have provided me with here. Thank you to my team for continually teaching me and preparing me for my future career.

Katie Allan, project manager said, “Taylor has been a great addition to our team and has attacked every problem we have thrown his way. We are all looking forward to when he decides to join the Kiewit team full time next year.”

Sean Craven

WMATA 4 project, Washington, D.C. | Penn State University
This is my first internship with Kiewit, and while I have only been on this project for a short time, I have learned lessons that I will carry with me for a lifetime. Getting to work, day in and day out, with the various subcontractors and staff has developed my communication, managerial and technical problem-solving skills immensely. Part of my day-to-day operations includes material acquisition, subcontractor oversight, report submittals, and, most importantly, maintaining a safe workspace so each and every one of our people get home safe. I found the support Kiewit offered me as an intern unlike that of any other job I have previously worked on.

Mark Ross-Hixson, project engineer, said, “At first glance, you would never think Sean is an intern on this project. He comes to work every day eager to learn, ready to get the job done and focused on solving problems. His positive attitude and desire to take on more challenges will help him achieve a great deal in his career.”

Wyatt Jones

Seattle Marine Yard, Seattle, Washington | California State University, Fresno
The experience and knowledge that I have gained from my internship thus far has been nothing short of priceless. I have learned more in one week about cranes and barges than most people learn in their entire lives. I have traveled to multiple job sites to assist in the maintenance and inspection of these massive pieces of machinery. I am very thankful to be a part of the Equipment Team ensuring the continued performance of our marine fleet. The group of coworkers I have been surrounded by have taught me to work hard, communicate efficiently and to strive to be the best. I look forward to the remainder of my internship where we continue building America!

Will Gonder, equipment superintendent, said, “Wyatt hit the ground running on Day One and has not let up since then. He traveled the West Coast as maintenance needs arose, meeting nearly every member of the marine maintenance team on the way. His contributions to repairs and maintenance to the fleet are much appreciated, and his self-motivation will take him far in whatever he decides to do.”

Brianna Sanchez

Northwater Treatment Plant, Golden, Colorado | New Mexico State University
The Northwater Treatment Plant (NTP) project is truly an experience I am not taking for granted, as it is an approximately $450 million job with over 1.5 million manhours worked so far! This is my first internship and my Kiewit team is always open to answering all of the interns’ questions, encouraging them to ask more and planning tours across all scopes at NTP. I’m glad to be located here, being that it is a huge project with 15 structural buildings. It’s safe to say that there is a lot to look at and learn. It has been a crazy experience having come from school and only having “book knowledge” to being on this project learning constructability hands on!

Alexandra Graham, grading superintendent, said, “Brianna has been a great addition to the Kiewit and NTP family this summer. She is curious, motivated and does not shy away from a challenge. It has been exciting watching her grow in knowledge and confidence over the summer.”

Matt Blount

Floating Bridge Anchor Cable Replacement Project, Seattle, Washington | Purdue University
This is my third internship with Kiewit, but my first out in the field. My main responsibilities have included quality inspection and material inventory/procurement, as well as other one-off tasks such as creating a pick plan for our airlift jetting operation. On deck, I have been responsible for inspecting the cable as it spools out, and from inside the pontoons of the bridge, I have assisted in the socketing and tensioning process. It has been an incredibly unique and rewarding experience to be working out on the water every day. We have a breathtaking view of Mount Rainier, which never ceases to amaze me. I am extremely grateful to Kiewit for giving me the opportunity to work on a highly specialized project and grow as an engineer.

Justin Stange, project engineer, said, “Matt’s experience this summer has introduced him into the world of marine construction. He’s had the opportunity to gain firsthand experience as a field engineer overseeing a major portion of our quality control. Matt has also gained an understanding of how we do business in regard to planning, purchasing, temporary engineering and safety, all while living our company core values.”


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