Interns of Kiewit

September 25, 2018 | Kieways 2018 Q3

Many Kiewit careers start as internships. Meet a few of this year’s interns.

Maddie Johnson

Alamitos Energy Center, California
University of Nebraska−Lincoln

“Both of my internships with Kiewit have been led by female superintendents. Having a role model display the way women are empowered in a mostly male industry has inspired me to pursue and grow in my passion for engineering. These women, as well as the men on my team, have provided tons of support, encouragement and inspiration about how to be a strong woman in this field.”

Jack Petersen

Buckskin Mine, Wyoming
University of Utah

“Right away, I was able to observe the commitment of Kiewit’s employees at Buckskin to [our shared] core values, when a burrowing owl’s nest was discovered near where we were going to remove topsoil for stockpiling … With some creative thinking, we were able to adapt and change our mine plan such that the mine was able to continue making progress while leaving the owl undisturbed — a true win-win situation, and an excellent example of Kiewit stewardship, excellence and integrity in action.”

Colton Meisinger

UHWO Creative Media Facility, Hawaii
University of Nebraska-Kearney

“Being a part of Kiewit and moving to Honolulu, Hawaii, to assist in the Creative Media Facility design-build project for the University of Hawaii West Oahu has come with nonstop challenges. Whether it’s constantly tracking design changes, meetings with the owner, or taking Sunday phone calls from subcontractors while on a boat in the middle of the ocean, it has been a never-ending adventure this summer at work and outside of work.”

Brian Cianciolo

OGC Engineering, Houston Energy Corridor
Texas A&M University

“Although office environments don’t feature the grand machinery and materials that job sites do, they still contain Kiewit’s most important element: people … My submission illustrates Kiewit’s need for collaboration to achieve a common goal. No set of hands in the photo is indicative of a department or job title to show that no matter the employee’s responsibility, teamwork is essential.”


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