Kiewit Luminarium: What’s waiting for visitors

June 28, 2022 | Kieways 2022 Q2

Inside, the Kiewit Luminarium has an industrial look with exposed mechanical, electrical and plumbing, exposed structure/steel and panelized plywood on the walls.

The facility includes classroom and field trip space, maker space, multiple exhibit areas, a café, a gift shop, administrative space and an exhibit workshop area. Kiewit has constructed structural elements for large-scale, immersive exhibits, including Stella, a stellated dodecahedron; a geometric climber for whole body math-learning; and The Grid, a two-story tower with 360-degree exposure.

Visitors of all ages and backgrounds will explore and learn through engagement with hands-on exhibit and program experiences organized around STEM-related themes:
Find Yourself – Humans as collections of cells, individual identities and societies
Dig Deeper – Landscape, environment, design, engineering, construction, agriculture and more
Catch Waves – Universal physical phenomena: light, motion, energy, sound and electricity
Make It Count – Immersive geometry, numbers sense and financial literacy

“I hope kids go back to their schools and get inspired about what’s possible for them — becoming an engineer, a mathematician, an accountant or a chemist,” said Bruce Grewcock. “I hope the Luminarium opens up their minds to more great career opportunities.”

Trent Demulling adds, “After coming to the Luminarium, I hope that visitors have been inspired, that they’ve smiled, that they’ve had fun, that they’ve laughed while they’ve been in there, and that they can’t wait to go back.”

For more on the Luminarium project, click here.


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