Project Neon: working closely with emergency responders

March 25, 2019 | Kieways 2019 Q1

Emergencies happen all hours of the day.

So the Kiewit team wanted to keep all emergency responders up to date on Project NEON traffic closures to make sure they were able to respond to calls quickly.

“From day one, we aimed to get buy-in from them on this project and let them know how we planned to get them through as fast as possible with no time delays,” said MOT Manager Mike Whittick.

He and others developed strong working relationships with the Nevada Highway Patrol (NHP), the Las Vegas Metropolitan police and fire departments, ambulance drivers and hospital staff.

Kiewit also kept NV Roads in the loop. The group supports the NHP, the Regional Transportation Commission, the Metro Police Department and 911 operators.

In turn, local responders have been quick to react when the team needed their help.

“We have a good ally in all of those groups,” Whittick said.


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