Basketball Analyst Meets Kiewit’s Huntington Beach Team

August 2, 2018 |

Photos in this article were taken outside of the construction site’s perimeters.

What started out as a discussion over dinner between friends turned into reality last weekend for the Huntington Beach Energy project. Last year, ESPN Basketball Analyst Jay Bilas expressed interest in visiting the project to his friend Glenn Miltenberger, Kiewit operations sponsor.

Miltenberger arranged for Bilas to tour the project and meet the team.

During his visit, the Huntington Beach team gave Bilas a presentation about the project, milestones accomplished to date, fun facts and Kiewit’s training efforts. Next Bilas toured the project, giving him the chance to see 100 employees at work and watch an ACC (Air Cooled Condenser, not the conference!) riser duct operation. The team also discussed craft employees’ involvement in the project’s safety program.

“He mentioned he was impressed with the coordination and communication to get so much work done in such a small space,” shared Project Manager Dan Rocole.

After the tour, Bilas met some of the project staff, discussed their favorite teams and upcoming season outlooks and shared about the origins of his book “Toughness.”

In his own words, Bilas posted about the tour on Twitter:

The Huntington Beach Energy project is a 644-megawatt natural gas-fired 2×1 combined cycle power generating station in Huntington Beach, California. Construction began June 2017.


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