Attendees of Kiewit’s Women’s Construction Leadership Seminar (WCLS) in U.S. tour Denver’s Central 70 project

March 5, 2019 |

Denver, Colorado’s Central 70 project hosted 49 collegiate female leaders studying engineering and construction for a project tour as part of Kiewit’s Women’s Construction Leadership Seminar (WCLS). Kiewit is leading construction of Central 70 as part of the Kiewit Meridiam Partners team.

In addition to touring Central 70, attendees heard from some of Kiewit’s female field and design engineers on topics like operations, confidence and curiosity during the event, which was held January 15-16. The participants, who represented 43 universities from across the country, also had an opportunity to ask questions of a panel of Kiewit employees. John Shaw, Kiewit’s vice president of Human Resources, discussed leadership and influence.

Following the event’s conclusion, one attendee said, “It was important to me to meet real women in the industry and hear about their stories and how they are successful. This brought on more confidence in myself and I learned some productive leadership techniques to practice, as well as unproductive techniques to avoid.”

Another added, “We all need a boost now and again. For me the conference was so much more. I feel empowered. I built relationships and met leaders that I can genuinely reach out to.”

Carmel Glumac, Kiewit’s oil, gas & chemical estimating indirects department manager, participated in the event.

“I enjoyed being a role model and advocate for women in the construction industry,” Glumac said. “By showcasing women who have been successful in their career, hopefully collegiate women and new hires will be willing to stand up to the challenges early in their career and get outside of their comfort zone faster.”

This was Kiewit’s eleventh year hosting WCLS in the U.S. A WCLS event was held in Canada, too. Read more here.


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