The Kiewit Commitment

At Kiewit, we take pride in knowing that the projects we build have improved millions of lives across the U.S., Canada and Mexico. For more than 130 years, our core values – people, integrity, excellence and stewardship – have defined how we operate as an ethical and engaged corporate citizen.
Take a look at some of our recent efforts and learn more about our commitment to people, community and environmental stewardship.


Kiewit’s success is built by the best staff and craft workforce in our industry. With diverse backgrounds, experiences and expertise, Kiewit people take on challenging and complex construction and engineering projects across the U.S., Canada and Mexico – and they deliver. We’re proud of their work, and proud to provide the tools and resources they need to do their jobs safely, continue to improve, and provide for themselves and their families. A growing population and the condition of the world’s current infrastructure network demands more from organizations like Kiewit and our employees. We continue to invest in our current workforce and the workforce of our future, by coordinating outreach efforts to introduce people to lifelong and rewarding career opportunities in the construction and engineering industry.

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We’re proud to make communities safe and enjoyable places to live, work and play, through our work and charitable efforts we coordinate. From hospitals providing lifesaving care, to energy facilities powering homes and businesses, we deliver projects with lasting impact. As we design and build these projects, we involve local businesses as subcontractors. We’re mindful of our impact to the community, and manage the impacts of our operations. We donate time, talent and resources to improve the quality of life in these communities. We’re proud of Kiewit employees doing meaningful work around the U.S., Canada and Mexico, every day.

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Environmental Stewardship

We take our role as environmental stewards seriously, and we appreciate the surroundings on each job site. With proper permitting and permissions in hand, we build responsibly and monitor the impacts of our work. Our projects transform and improve communities, and the environment always remains an important part of what makes them unique.

Enivironmental Stewardship