Children’s Hospital: For us, it’s personal

March 24, 2021 | Kieways 2020 Q1

Whether it’s responding to the sign in the hospital window that read “Bring Tacos to Room 412” or handing out candy to patients trick-or-treating in the lobby, the team especially likes this part of the job.

After hearing about an 11-year-old patient who loved watching the construction from his room, Construction Manager Al Brodin invited him and his family to tour the jobsite. But the child’s condition prevented him from visiting.

So Brodin had another idea: One day at lunch, he gathered the craft for a group wave from the ground. That led team members to put together some packages of company swag — cups, mugs, hats and more — and deliver to him.

“The patient’s dad came to one of our team meetings and explained why what we’re doing is so important to their family,” he said. “They’re from central Iowa and they spend six to eight weeks at a time, two or three times a year, here at Children’s.

“The expansion that we’re building will make it more convenient for them to get everything they need in one stop rather than going to multiple locations.”


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