How could you pick a favorite?

July 30, 2019 |

Vahid Daneshfard has seen a lot of places and built a lot of cool projects in more than 12 years with Kiewit. Asking him to pick a favorite is kind of like asking a parent to pick their favorite kid.

“Every one of them has just been so great,” he said.

There was his first job in 2006 in Seattle, Washington, where he began as an intern and later hired on full time.

“You always remember your first job because that’s where you’re learning everything and it’s just right out of school,” Daneshfard said.

On his next project, the $190 million Brightwater Wastewater Treatment Plant, he stepped into the project engineer role for the first time.

Daneshfard spent time in Alaska working as a superintendent on the Tanana River Bridge. He went to Minnesota and was engaged from estimate to completion on the Highway 53 Relocation project, which included building the state’s tallest bridge. In Oregon, he was a superintendent on a fast-paced, fish ladder upgrade job that only lasted a few months, but had high stakes. And in Los Angeles, he managed construction of the blade columns on the new Inglewood Stadium. Today, he’s project manager on the $150 million design-build RTS Pedestrian Bridge project back in Seattle, Washington.

The best part about every new assignment, Daneshfard says: meeting new Kiewit co-workers who become friends.

“I’ve made a lot of great friends all over the country,” he said.

At work, everyone is there to help when you need them. In Daneshfard’s experience, there’s always someone somewhere in the company who has faced the same challenges and can help find solutions.

“You establish these relationships in other parts of Kiewit, and throughout your career these connections make you successful if you have a question or you need something. There’s always someone you can reach out to,” he said.

Some of the people he’s met along the way have been especially important in shaping Daneshfard’s career.

“I had great mentors that helped me grow and get to where I’m at in my career,” he said. “I truly owe them a lot for helping me out in the career. I’ve been really blessed working for a lot of talented people.”

Between the varieties of work you can build, the responsibility you can ask for— and receive, and the people you meet, Daneshfard says there’s no better place for a construction and engineering career than Kiewit.

“You can’t find anything better in the industry than the level of experience we get at Kiewit. It’s unlimited.”

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