Benjamin Mitchell – Senior Analyst, Operations Finance

August 19, 2020 |

Kiewit often undertakes landmark projects such as the Calcasieu Pass project.  When Benjamin Mitchell came to Kiewit a year ago, he saw this project as an experience that would offer him many opportunities to expand his managerial skills and industry experience.

Benjamin Mitchell, senior analyst for Operations Finance, has credited much of his success to the relationships and interdisciplinary focus found at Kiewit.  Mitchell works to bring together stakeholders from multiple disciplines and build consensus in the context of competing priorities.

Mitchell is currently applying to various MBA programs as he hopes to be a leader helping shape the next generation of energy.  Seeing the Calcasieu Pass project as a “premier energy megaproject,” Michell says this opportunity at Kiewit has given him industry experience he hopes will make him stand out as he goes through the MBA application process.

The ability to expand his level of responsibility is another reason Mitchell sees his time at Kiewit as highly successful.  When comparing his current position to a previous employer Mitchell said, “Where I am at now easily out paces where I would be if I was there for the past year.”

The skills that Mitchell has acquired during his time at Kiewit are highly transferable and valuable to any workplace. “Being able to think about large data flows like closing out a month, give you extremely transferable skills to any job that you go into,” says Mitchell.

Kiewit values hard work and the common drive to succeed can be found in the company’s employees.  Because of the ability to grow in employee responsibility and expand your skills, employees are commonly challenged to be the best that they can be.

“There is always opportunity to take on more, to grow the scope of what you work on,” said Mitchell. ”If you come in and express an appetite to learn and grow, and you ask a lot of questions, your progression in the company can be very rapid.”

While working at Kiewit employees develop their own skills that will make an impacts on the landmark projects the company undertakes.


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