Intern Takeover: Marcy

August 5, 2020 |

Kiewit intern Marcy Bardman took over the @KiewitCorp Instagram to share her experiences.

Hi everyone! My name is Marcy Bardman. I am from Pennsylvania and recently moved to Wyoming. I am a Civil Engineering student at Lehigh University. Outside of work, I am a competitive cyclist and I like to bake.

Daily Responsibilities
I am a field engineer intern on the Northwater Treatment Plant in Colorado. I do everything that field engineers do on a daily basis, including layout, work plans, takeoffs, ordering materials, quality checklists, and safety assessments.

Nobody Gets Hurt
Going home safely the same way we came to work each day is the number one priority at Kiewit. One of the ways we ensure this during the pandemic is taking temperatures before we enter the site each morning.

My workspace changes constantly. Somedays I am inside of a 120-in pipe and other days I am working around 25-ft concrete walls.

Previous Internships
Last fall, I worked on a project in Texas as a Field Engineer Intern. By nature, construction is not easy, but working with this crew showed me how successful teamwork can truly change a job. A weekly wing night also doesn’t hurt.

Exciting Experiences
Working with concrete has by far been the coolest experience during my internship. There is definitely an adrenaline rush across the entire job at 3 a.m. on pour day.

When I started with Kiewit, I had never been on a construction site and I knew nothing about construction. Kiewit has done an amazing job providing training for the work that we do.

Working Side-by-Side with Experienced Engineers
Working directly with a field engineer supervisor is great because they are always willing to answer any questions I have. They also push me to find the answers myself, which creates a successful learning environment. I have a lot to learn but I come to work excited to do so everyday with other Kiewit staff and craft.

Supportive People
My favorite thing about Kiewit is working with people who are passionate about doing their jobs well. I was nervous about being one of the only women on site, but I have honestly never felt more supported. So many people encourage me to be confident in both heels and muddy work boots.

Advice for Future Interns
If you are looking to work in construction, don’t hesitate. There is so much opportunity with Kiewit. If you want it, go get it. This is the most exciting and rewarding internship out there. Not every day is easy, but when you look back on the hard days, you gain an even greater sense of pride in your work.


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