Graceson Wyatt – Data Strategy Intern

August 17, 2021 |

Graceson Wyatt, data strategy intern, works with the Data Strategy and Transformation team to create effective financial processes for the company. She previously interned with the Operations Finance group but was looking to diversify her skillset with new experiences and a new role. 

“Internships are all about exposure,” said Wyatt. “I loved my internship last summer and wanted to come back to Kiewit, but I also wanted to experience something different.”

On the Transformation team, new experiences are not hard to come by. With Wyatt’s prior experience and knowledge of finance from a classroom setting, she is able to make an impact towards automating financial processes. Wyatt said working alongside Jeff Alexander and Katelyn Viola on the transformation team’s electrical and instrumentation project has been a challenge but has given her valuable insight into how the process works. Their goal is to standardize operations across Kiewit and allow the financial process to be as efficient as possible. 

“This experience was extremely rewarding,” said Wyatt. “My team takes the time to make sure I understand every step of the process when we are doing something new, and they challenge me to use new skills daily.” 

“My Excel skills have been enhanced throughout the internship,” said Wyatt. “I am also learning how to work in SQL and Python, which is great because these are both valuable programming languages that I have not had the chance to learn in my classes.” 

Provided with the resources they need to succeed and the opportunity to openly communicate their personal career development goals, Kiewit employees are empowered to drive their own career in the direction they see fit. There is an endless supply of learning potential for Kiewit employees.  

Wyatt has enjoyed learning new skills during her internship this summer, including expanding her team building skills. She enjoys getting to work with her team every step of the way and getting to bounce ideas off her coworkers. Wyatt has also gained valuable experience working with Kiewit’s oil, gas, and chemical engineers. She consults with them daily to ensure their goals for electrical and instrumentation are aligned with the Transformation team’s methods. This exposure to different team structures and organization styles is a new experience for Wyatt but one she has found unexpected value in. 

Joining a new team can feel intimidating in some settings. However, Kiewit strives to foster an environment where questions and ideas are encouraged. Within the transformation team, Wyatt has been given a peer mentor, Will Miles, and supervisor, Zackary Morano. “The team is extremely encouraging and open to hearing about what things I want to learn more about,” said Wyatt.  

With great mentors in her corner, Wyatt has continued to thrive in her positions with Kiewit. All Kiewit employees strive to create an inclusive and community focused culture, to encourage all individuals to share their perspectives and work together to obtain their goals.  

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