Matt Alves – Senior Manager of Strategy and Finance

September 8, 2021 |

Matt Alves has both Bachelor and Master of Accounting degrees from Texas A&M University. Prior to working at Kiewit, he had seven years of public accounting experience working in various tax consulting roles. Alves found Kiewit intriguing because of leadership’s desire to expand their OGC footprint and the pace at which Kiewit was growing within the industry. He found the ability to work on mega projects an exciting and valuable opportunity to make an impact on a multi-billion-dollar company.  

In his current role as a senior manager of strategy and finance, Alves is focused on standardizing processes and procedures within the operations finance group and creating best practices for team members to follow. “There are so many opportunities to change and influence our business processes and the way we do business, which is both intriguing and something unique to find in a mature, large organization,” said Matt. 

A change of pace or a new challenge should always be expected at Kiewit. In his role, Alves is constantly learning new things and finds the variety of challenges that are thrown his way exciting. “You might assume the day-to-day activities in an operations finance-based role would look similar month over month, however, that has never been the case here,” said Alves. 

“There are a lot of challenges, a lot of problems to solve, and a lot of opportunities to create innovative solutions,” said Alves.  

Since starting with Kiewit a year and a half ago, Alves has noticed a high standard of excellence rooted in his colleagues. “The people that work at Kiewit have a commitment to success at all levels across the organization,” said Alves.

However, Alves describes Kiewit as a place where employees “are able to share in passions that extend beyond just their work life.” He describes a passion for an appropriate work-life balance and a culture that prioritizes its employees in a way that is uncommon among larger organizations. 

Kiewit has fostered a collaborative and team-orientated environment, where work colleagues are empowered and encouraged to express their opinion. The localized operations within Kiewit give teams the feel of a smaller organization with all the resources, support, and knowledge of a large corporate company. This dynamic highlights how invested Kiewit is in its employees and the commitment made to setting them up for success in their careers. 

Alves appreciates that at Kiewit, employees are encouraged to grow their careers and develop their skills. “Kiewit is not a company that tries to hold anybody back,” said Alves. “They push employees to be the best versions of themselves and always look to give people more opportunities and responsibility in order to allow them drive their career forward.” 

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