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June 22, 2020 |

Kiewit may not be the first company someone pursing a business degree would consider for potential employment.  However, because of the strong company culture of success and the value placed on expanding one’s skills, a career at Kiewit gives employees the opportunity to push themselves to be the best in their field.

For Haley Joseph, a business intern at Kiewit, the culture of the company and unique direction of the operations finance group, played a massive role in her decision to divert from some of the more traditional routes many of her peers took with the same or similar degrees.

When Ben Zils, an operations finance director at Kiewit, spoke to Joseph’s entry level finance class at Texas A&M University, Joseph became interested in how heavily he focused on the culture at Kiewit.

“The big thing about the culture here that I’ve really enjoyed is that it is a meritocracy,” said Joseph. “So, the harder you work the more you are rewarded.”

Joseph has seen firsthand how she and her coworkers are given more responsibilities for the effort and skills they show in the workplace.  Specifically, Joseph has had the opportunity to take lead on various projects amongst her intern class and deliver presentations directly to the CFO and the Operations Controller VP.

Kiewit’s standards to achieve creates a common goal for employees to work hard and in return they’re acknowledged and appreciated for that work. The company highlights challenging its employees to utilize their skills and to gain new ones during their employment.

During her internship, Joseph has been challenged to learn new skills such as Python programming language and PowerBI for data visualization, which are becoming increasingly valuable software tools for many major corporations.

“Our group has become focused on being data driven so I have been challenging myself to begin learning Python,” said Joseph.  “I feel like that is a really valuable tool for my own personal growth and ultimately can make me a more valuable member of our team.”

While a construction company may not be a finance major graduate’s traditional route, the diverse career opportunities offered at Kiewit make this company a great place to challenge yourself to learn a unique skill set and expand your career in places you didn’t think possible.


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