Jeffrey Alexander – Senior Manager of Data Strategy

June 22, 2020 |

Kiewit employees thrive when placed in environments that allow for them to utilize their skillsets to create meaningful work.  Jeffrey Alexander, senior manager of Data Strategy, sees his team’s work as vital to the company’s expansion and improvement by incorporating technology solutions into business processes.

Alexander holds a bachelor’s in accounting from Castleton University (VT) and a master’s in accountancy from Arizona State.  He has previously worked at a professional services firm as a CPA working in audit and technology innovation.

Now at Kiewit, Alexander describes his work as the “intersection between business and technology.”  He utilizes his understanding of both fields to design and implement solutions tailored to industry processes in order to drive efficiency and quality in project estimates.

The Data Strategy and Transformation team works collaboratively to continuously improve the company. The team focuses on the interactions between business and technology to create solutions that improve the company’s processes. Alexander said that because Kiewit produces “large and tangible projects; it is really easy to get excited about the work we do.”

Kiewit allows for an opportunity to foster individual’s skills without the risk that smaller startup companies may face.  Something unique to Kiewit is that, “employees have the opportunity to drive their own career growth and, more importantly, to make a really big impact in the construction industry, which is unique to this company,” said Alexander.

This team’s ability to combine technology and business enables growth for the company.  According to Alexander, being a part of a team that works proactively and is passionate about delivering high quality work in order to enable Kiewit to expand its current influence in the industry is something worth getting excited about.


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